Perfumes you love to wear are now available in refillable version !



What is Essential must last …

At Essential Parfums we are careful of the impact of our products on the environment.

We are becoming the first affordable niche brand with its entire refillable collection.

A few weeks after the launch of our 100ml refillable bottles, the 150ml refills are now available.

The refill allows you to extend the life of your 100ml bottle, reducing the emission of waste.

Do not throw away your glass bottle, just buy the refill to fill in your 100ml bottle one and a half times.Fill your bottle from home, with a simple gesture and without losing a drop. Thanks to its innovative auto-stop system, the filling stops automatically.

Nothing could be easier :

  • Remove the cap from your bottle, unscrew and remove the pump.
  • Insert the tip and screw the refill up to the end. The refill stops automatically.
  • Screw the pump back on the bottle and put back the cap.

Be careful not to mix the different perfumes and make sure to fill the correct perfume in its corresponding bottle. Do not wash with water either.

Also, only our 100ml bottles are refillable, not the 10ml travel size.

Made of recycled aluminum and without packaging, it is designed to reduce its impact on the environment.

Choosing the refill is a simple gesture for you as well as for the planet, thanks to its 100% aluminium endlessly recyclable. Moreover, it does not oxidize. It is ideal to preserve a perfume.

As part of our sustainable approach, we choose aluminium instead of plastic. Plastic is a derivative of petroleum, more difficult to sort and recycle, it is also heavier than aluminum and less suitable for natural formulas.

Therefore, your refill can be thrown away in the recycle bin.

Regarding the 100ml refillable bottle, you can always buy a new one. As you wish !

The major difference is that you can now easily recycle your perfume as the pump can be unscrewed and thrown directly into the recycle bin. You can now recycle in the glass bin your bottle.


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