Nathalie Lorson

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Nathalie Lorson Master perfumer

" I imagined a luminous fragrance full of joy and pleasure. The reminiscent smell of an afternoon dreaming in the orchard, comfortably installed under the fig trees."

Nathalie Lorson’s accuracy challenges and creates refined universes in which each detail is impeccable and without excess. This minimalism is reminiscent of her assiduous search for ever truer formulas where each raw material is a necessity without any redundancy. It is about purifying and highlighting her story without frills or noise, building formulas where everything is chosen for its quality and worked in the right proportion so as to have the most accurate meaning.

Nathalie has created world-renowned perfumes such as Black Opium and other masterpieces for Givenchy, Burberry, or Mugler.

“The simplest formulas are the most difficult to create but they are also the most relevant and distinctive.”

Fig infusion

Fig infusion

A fig note, truer than nature, reproduced by Nathalie Lorson from her palette of raw materials, illuminated by a juicy mandarin from Italy.
The meeting of a floral heart, composed of an orange blossom, and the aromatic breath of black tea from Sri Lanka.
The whole punctuated by an enveloping wood accord, between the softness of Virginian cedarwood and the creaminess of sandalwood, provides comfort and refinement to the signature
The voluptuous benzoin reinforces this cocooning accord with its balmy effects.