Sustainability is Essential

We are always thoughtful about the environmental impact of our perfumes, and therefore prioritize sustainability in everything we do, from start to finish.

Raw Materials

Our perfumers focus on natural and sustainable raw materials that not only create powerful fragrances, but also respect both local producers’ communities and the environment. We use alcohol made of beetroot and do not add any coloring. The color of your fragrance may vary depending on the harvest. Our fragrances are from 86% to 93% natural.

The glass

Our glass supplier pursues a sustainable development policy by opting for solutions that minimize the environmental impact of the production processes, and replacing gas emissions with electric furnaces.

Naturel sustainable essential parfums

The Packaging

Our paper packaging is FSC-certified, promoting the practice of environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable forestry worldwide. It is fully recycled. We do not use any plastic on the outer packaging, in order to preserve our planet.

This is why our hydroalcoholic gel and liquid soaps are available in a glass bottle.

Every year, 8 million tones of plastic waste flows from inland to the ocean.
Plastic can account for up to 95% of marine litter in some parts of the world.

Plastic never completely degrades in the environment but breaks up into small particles barely visible to the naked eye. 5,000 billion plastic particles float in our oceans.

From the start, one of the Essential for us has always been the content. It also seemed Essential to us to prioritize the container. Consequently, our liquid soaps and hydroalcoholic gel come an amber glass bottle.

Sustainable Beauty is Essential