You have probably noticed that a new product has appeared at Essential Parfums ….

The scents you love to wear are now available for your home with our elegant scented candles !


Invitation to well-being, the candle has become Essential in our interiors. Refined, scented, it creates a pleasant atmosphere, warms the heart and makes us love staying at home. Just light the flame…

The oscillating flame is the asset of a successful dinner, in the center of the table or as a decorative object : it promotes intimacy and invites confidences.

They are available in five perfumes, Bois Impérial by Quentin Bisch, Rose Magnetic by Sophie Labbé, Orange x Santal by Nathalie Garcia Cetto, The Musc by Calice Becker et Divine Vanille by Olivier Pescheux, in a pretty, fully recyclable amber glass jar.

You probably wondering if, based on our convictions, the wax used is vegetable ?

Well no, we have chosen to use a mineral wax and we will explain why.

As you know, at Essential Parfums it is important to us to protect the planet. Wa care about the impact of our products on the environment and therefore, we prioritize sustainability in everything we do, from start to finish.

But our our priorities will always and above all remain olfaction and quality.

After a long development and many tests, we had to face the facts… The restitution of the perfume was not optimal with a vegetable wax. It is also very difficult to obtain a highly concentrated perfume naturally.


This is the reason why two perfumes that you love to wear, Mon Vetiver by Bruno Jovanovic et Nice Bergamote by Antoine Maisondieu, are not transcribed into candles because of their high citrus content. Indeed the natural citrus does not burn in a candle…

Another disadvantage of vegetable wax, it has a greasy appearance. It also tends to make an unsightly pool*. However, a quality candle must burn evenly to last over time and remain attractive.

*pool : wax that melts evenly over the entire surface


Therefore, our candles differ from our deep convictions, but good news !

We have spoiled you on the restitution since it is concentrated at 12% (vs 8% generally).

We also offer you a nice capacity of 270 grs, the equivalent of 90 hours of burning, alwalys for an affordable price !

Finally, it has a cotton wick and does not contain any dye.

We will always do what it takes to protect the planet, it is part of our core values.

Now that you know all the secrets of our new Essential Parfums recruits,

don’t hesitate to come and discover them in the store nearest you!

Let yourself be tempted: Discover the scented candles


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